Active Listening

Active listening is the process of attentive listening and understanding of an individual speaking. Active listening requires six skills, which include paying attention, holding judgements, reflecting, clarifying, summarising, and sharing (Center for Creative Leadership, n.d.). It is an essential aspect of communication, between a patient and health practitioner, as it avoids any misunderstandings as well as helps resolve conflict that may occur (Boyd & Dare, 2015).

As a health professional, I will ensure that I always engage holistically with my patients through active listening. I will use techniques such as paraphrasing and clarifying can reassure and comfort patients whom are feeling overwhelmed due to the stressed of the emergency environment I will be working in.

As a Paramedic, the use of active listening is of upmost importance in my communication with my patients. I will need to use this skill to be able to understand my patient’s circumstance as well as when diagnosing and treating my patient. Often patients will be uneasy and emotional, and active listening allows them to calm themselves down and feel reassured that I will not be judgemental of them.





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